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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


There was a war between the four Fingers and Thumb of a Hand .
Each was hot arguing : “I am the most important and grand.”

The Thumb said, “I am the Anchor … you know my might ?”
“Without ME, can you ever hold a pen to write?”

“You give the ‘Thumbs-Up’ when things go on well.”
“I’m really LORD over you, need I tell?"

The Index Finger disagreed and shouted loudly,
“I am the KING … I am the Pointer, don’t you all see?”

“I’m The Finger that shows authority.
“I point and command … people obey ME!"

The Middle Finger yelled, “I’m the tallest of you all !”
“Standing beside ME, you all look so lowly and small.”

“I am most elegant, dignified and majestic in look.”
The Middle Finger had never felt so important and good.

“Hey ! Don’t forget an Engagement or Wedding !”
The Ring Finger thundered amidst the great din.

“Rings, a Symbol of Importance, are worn on ME!"
"ME, the Ring Finger is NUMBER ONE certainly."

Not to be outdone, the Little Finger shot out :
“I am the most important,” it gave a loud shout.

“When we all pray, who is the nearest to God?"
“You can see now who is closest to the Lord."

The Hand got annoyed with all this talk.
“Why are you all so petty?” he scolded the lot.

“Everyone of you, small or big, short or long
Is important in every way, Right or Wrong ?”


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